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jury meaning in sindhi

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गहु گههُ past part. Of a मणु مڻُ, affixed to the cardinal numbers, as बि॒मणो ٻِمڻو containing two maunds. A great fight, a general engagement, a pitched battle. A pair, couple. A case for holding anything. The bits and dust of split pulse grains formed in splitting them or separating the husk in a coarse mill. Name of a small metal water vessel. A double bundle thrown across a beast’s back. कख कपिड़्यूं मेड़णु ڪک ڪپِڙيون ميڙڻُ To sweep up straws and rags i.e. One next door in residence, a next door neighbor, the living next door to another. It has yellow eyes and it is a female bird. A charm, filter. The upright posts in front and rear of a spinning wheel or of a water wheel. The root of a plant used medicinally Physalis Flexuosa. A spinning jenny, a whirligig. The turning beam to which a beast is tied in a water wheel. The round ornament at the top of a dome. Boasting, price. The rope by which the yoke is fastened to the plough. A tuft of hair of head left to grow from a vow. To accompany any one a short way on taking leave. A leap, bound. अखोफुलो اکو ڦُلو, A small offering to a mendicant. One removing from one place to another or a person accompanying him to look after the loads of kit etc. A landholder’s account of expenses or receipts, a rent roll, account of canal work &c. Obsequies performed on 3rd and 10th day after a death. متوازن گولائي ۾ هڪ شڪلي ورهاست A symmetrical bell shaped curve, مثال، نمونو، وڙ، جنس A subset of a population, مجموعي طور تي رت اندر سمورن جزن منجهه پيدا ٿيل خلل ۽ بگاڙ جيڪو خاص طور تي هڏي جي گودي منجهه جيومادي جي پيوندي ۽ مڙڻ واري وڌيل خاصيت جي ڪري پيدا ٿي پوي. Name of a black aquatic bird of the crane species. s. m. Parentage. A boat’s rope for working the sail with. Name of a set of ivory rings for the arm. A tamarisk tree. Defluxion of matter from the nose, or a stopping of the nose from cold etc. A good memory, a sharp understanding, genius. A family or race among Baluchis. n. (law) a contention presented by a lawyer to a judge or jury as part of the case he is arguing. Displeasure, offence. Diwata is a figure similar to nymphs and fairies. Of or belonging to a wealthy person. The wife of any junior member of accustomed to or will work in a wheel etc. A large kind of pestle for pounding grain with to clean it. A file of papers strung together. They have yellow eyes. Having a star on it’s forehead a horse etc. A woman’s female companion or friend, a handmaiden. A dike, mound, embankment. eats his grain. A plant, shoot, sprout, sapling. A dress worn by some fakirs. To cause to make a mistake. A species of small pox, or a certain form of the eruption. Conceit, foppery, coxcombry. A creek, firth, backwater. s. m. A jumper, one who frisks and plays. A child born after the death of a child of the same parents is considered to be always nervous and timorous, and is thus called. Side, favoring, partiality. The word from – pg 257 plu. A species of rose tree. A great eater, a glutton, a pot bellied person. Hasty, precipitate, in a hurry, impetuous, rash, venturesome. Sweet, luscious fruit. To satisfy, quiet, please, a cross child, to humor, delight. A cloth for wrapping over the head and shoulders of a girl, a shawl. Good fortune, the affection of a husband. A grammatical root. Adj. Startups and artists can now apply until 28 January 2021 (12 pm noon (CET)) for equity-free funding of up to €80,000 to tackle misinformation about COVID-19 using data as part of the MediaFutures project which aims at contributing to high-quality media activities. A bundle of grass or straw, a sheaf, a bundle of reed pens &c. A bundle or pack of cloth or clothes, the cloth for wrapping up a bundle in a wrapper. The taking water in the palm of the hand at the time of making a promise etc. It is sometimes in Sindhi sounded as a compound ट ٽ and र ر and will in such case be found written ट्र ٽڙ. A collection, subscription. A denier. A circle, discus, the quoits or discus used as a missive weapons by Akalis. The rising of a sign of the zodiac or the time in which the sun passes through each daily. केसी स्नानु ڪيسِي سنانُ Washing the head. Bathing, washing the body. A dish of meal of pulse Chana dressed with sour milk. Place of residence. The word of God used by Hindus a mystical incantation performed by a bhagat towards his chelo. - Fri. (888) 786 9829. झाती पाइणु or विझणु جھاتِي پائڻُ يا وِجھڻُ To peep. कुल उजारो ڪُل اُجارو One who makes his family illustrious. The tuft of silk to which a spike is affixed for blowing through a hollow tube at birds etc. A Persian. S A small feather. A purse, money collected in a purse, chest &c., a till. s. m. The sounding line or lead used at sea. A share, portion. Scaly a fish. The bridge of the nose. Quest definition: A quest is a long and difficult search for something. A saving, a gain. A place where three waters meet. Name of a ragini. to express 105 etc. are made. A plain ring, worn on finger at the ceremony of putting on the sacred threads or by bride and bridegroom at a wedding. A miser. Keeping, protecting, guarding, preservation. A kind of ploughshare or stick projecting from the body of a plough into the ground. न نه not and को ڪو any. Fakirs, beggars, the office or practice of a fakir. A Hindu, a Hindu shopkeeper or trader a lay Hindu. Making faces, contorting the countenance, a grimace. A flea. A criminal jury is usually made up of 12 members, though fewer may sit on cases involving lesser offenses. भाउर ڀائُر or भाइरु ڀائِر a brother. If the jury fails to reach a unanimous (or, if applicable, a sufficient majority) verdict and finds itself at a standstill (what is known as a hung jury), then the judge can declare a mistrial. v. n. To be seized with the pains of labor. Noted, notorious, well known, public, manifest, plain, obvious, openly. Dry place left in the bed of a river by a change in its course. A friend, lover. To gain on both sides with little labour; to have a capital opportunity. A stall in a stable. Of 800 threads, a kind of cloth with 800 threads in woof. To swerve, deviate, go round, turn aside, recede, make a circuit to reach any place, to pass off to one side. Milk, giving milk. imper. Of a yellow color, yellow, vernal, of spring. Asleep as a limb, torpid. A stay rope for a mast attached from the stern of a boat &c. A step, pace. Name of a fish. A short kind of shirt worn by men reaching to the waist. Of or pertaining to a wretch चंडो چنڊو. A large sup, with noise. stamped on embroidered after a certain pattern cloth. Plastering, besmearing. A contraction of न आंहीं نه آهِين is not. An error, mistake, blunder, inaccuracy, incorrectness. गा॒ल्हि खणणु ڳالهه کڻڻُ To tell a story. A caste of Hindu fakirs. A kind of flowering in embroidery. The name of a fish. No prop or support (excepting God. Name for an earthen cooking vessel used by fakirs. The large bastard cypress tree, or tamarik, Tamarix Articulata, a generic term, used with two prefix Guz or Asree. s. f. A pair, couple. To become friends again after a quarrel, reconciliation. S P The head and neck, a corpse. S s. f. Last year. A king of finger ring. A creditor, one who has to receive a debt. رت جي سفيد جزن جو ھڪ قسمغير داڻيدار A type of leukocyte. An officer placed in charge of a tapo or division of a district. A square. Name, appellation, fame, reputation, character, renown, a noun. The cry by which a cow is driven off. A fakir’s feast. The past part. Wanting manners, ill bred, unmannerly, in a bad manner or style. One absorbed in religious devotion, a hermit. Would that! To remember, keep in memory especially the deity. (ٻَنُ = a forest, wood). Talk, chat Chiefly of one’s grieves. The quick ambling pace of a horse. a giant; a big strong man; horrible; fearable; powerful. A youth, lad, stripling. of बं॒धणु ٻنڌڻُ or ब॒धणु ٻڌڻُ Used adverbially. L A looking glass. A small bell hung round necks of cattle. The credit side of an account, receipt account, money collected. The raised walk in a garden. A wing. The cover for wrapping a book in. English to Punjabi Dictionary gives you the best and accurate Punjabi meanings of Belief springing up on the river side when water has left it. An effigy of any one carried about on a pole in scorn and sometimes burned. Much, a large quantity. Adj. acre; a measure of land area equal to 4840 square yards (4047 square meters). A promise, engagement. Name of a bird of prey, a kind of hawk, or kite. اھڙو جيو گھرڙو يا عنصر جيڪو آساني سان ڳاڙھو رنگجي سگھجي، رت کان خوفزدھ ٿيڻ A neurotic manifestation marked by bluishing sightest provocation, morbid fear of bluishing morbid aversion to red. A kind of narrow water course. The dawn, early morning. रतो رتو to be immersed, to receive a full deep color dyeing, to be captivated in love v. a. to create, invent, form. A cubit measure. A border of brocade, gold lace. A dive, dip, plunge. Name of a jungle tree Phyllanthus Multiflorus. An offering given to a poor person in the name of the Deity. To walk unsteadily or with a slight limp, to wobble. A ditch, fosse, moat, trench. The name of a plant from the leaves of which a red dye is prepared for staining the hands and feet. a girl who is still a maiden. The name of rag or musical mode. The palm of hand contracted so as to hold water, what is held in a palm so drawn up. A case or cover for a sword scabbard. To prime a gun, apply powder to anything. Felt, coarse cloth made by gluing the wool in flat pieces not by weaving. One quarter more, one and a quarter. Face, continence. An enclosure. One having command over his passions. A father. Knavish, cunning, cheating, deceitful, fraudulent, fraudful. Expenditure, need, want, demand for. A pool of water in a pit. कपिड़ो खोड़णु ڪپِڙو کوڙڻُ To smooth cloths after washing and drying by beating them with a stick. The wasting away from grief, love &c. decay. now a masa, now a tola). a caste among Rajpoots a hardy, bold man. The name of a stringed musical instrument. Adj. A wholesale merchant. A kind of thin silk cloth. Camel-footed, a light quick traveler. A lock. The straddle or dorsal pad laid on the back of a sumpter beast. The roller over a well on which the rope urns. A kind of hawk used for hunting. Name of a fruit. Name of a jungle plant, used for applications to sores, snake bites etc. s. m. A white hair. lying on one side; aside; away; at a distance. नुहरु نُهر, नुहरूंنُهرون or नुहूं نُهون a daughter-in-law. A dry measure of which there are four in a kaso and in which there are 13 chowtais. A scorch, the flame or burning heat of a fire etc. Large, great, many, much. To loose and put off a boat from the bender, to move out on an expedition. s. m. A title for the younger brother of one’s husband. To put one in mind of an obligation, reproaching. To be dismissed, turned out, removed. Adj. The son of a slave, one born of a slave. The nib of a pen, a point of nail sticking out from side finger. One of the heaps of grain, as collected at harvest. A Persian wheel for raising water with, a spinning wheel. A kind of hookah with a long snake to it. The wheel of a Persian water wheel &c. The whirling of a sword, the sword exercise. s. f. The cry of a new-born infant. Gynandropsis Pentaphylla. To slip, to skulk or slip away, to miss seeing, To chirp a partridge. A sweeper or one employed in the most menial and dirty offices. ( چوُچوڙيor چوچڙي small fire-work; a fuse). Muslmans are called Singha by the Brahmans as the initial letter of the word m is the mark of the sign Leo Singh. One who pulls or drags, a great smoker, one who importunes, a creditor, a dun, the person who works a whetting stone, a lazy beast that has to be dragged along. To pound rice and other grains in a mortar to take off husk and dirt. inter. A string of beads etc. اھڙو عمل جھن دوران خاص طرح جا خِليئا جِيو گھرڙا پاڻيٺ کي ڳڙڪائي وڃن A form of endocytosis. Wild Jamaica Liquorice seed, Abrus precatorius. Mount Caucasus); a dark, lonely place. A small terrace. A small kind of blue pebble resembling turquoise. A religious society or party. The cross sticks reaching along a line of posts or pillars. A strip or field of cultivated land. To draw in or up as a sigh. Ablution of the anus after a call of nature. Flitting, removing from one place to another, the goods and chattels removed. The Jew’s harp. Enticement, allurement. A small wicker basket without a lid. A house steward. A ghost, used in talking to children, to frighten them. To make a monetary contribution to the father at his daughter’s marriage. adj. A wave, a great rise or rush of the river. Documentary proof or evidence. The circular shield sunk in digging wells. A wind which blows at times in autumn from the North east and levels the crops. In plu. A species of small pox or eruption or a certain form of it. That gives water, cool, cool tempered. An article of apparel, a garment. Memoirs, annals, a history. Of a body of subjects or husbandmen, appertaining to any particular trade or class of individuals. It sometimes has in Sindhi a strange sound, formed by placing the mouth open, and sounding from the throat, and will in such cases be found written ग॒ Ú³. A bag, or case for putting up books etc in a satchel. Empty pride, foolish boastings. Name of a bird of prey, a kind of hawk or kite. A place of refuge, asylum. A set of fowls or birds tied on a stick and carried across the shoulder. The cross sticks over a door to support the wall, door head. A method of tripping in wrestling. To make a name for oneself, to become famous. A shoot of a plant running up to bud, a sprout shooting out from a tree. One who gives advice, a counselor, adviser. S The 8th part of a rupee. A kind of spotted embroidery, or to run a colored thread through plain cloth making it look spotted. A lump of mud for besmearing with. To blow with breath in performing incantations on any sore or spot bit by a venomous animal &c. To boast, brag, adj. A layer of pounded earthenware etc. One who sells food to travelers, a subtler. The gunnels or gunwale of a boat. An abusive term for a bad woman or procuress. Malice, spite. One who performs incantations over a snakebite &c. One who plays on a musical instrument made from the tumbo. A rupee of a certain coinage, valuede at more than company’s rupee. To have a spite or ill will against any one, give pain, tyrannize over. A wall or fence round a house, a protecting wall of screen round a roof outside, a screen. as dug out of a dung-hill. Possessing many virtues or excellencies, skilled, talented. A kind of spencer or bodice worn by women. Discount, taken on coins below standard. A lump of anything or small bundle, tied up in a cloth. To cover, shade, put on clothes &c., muffle. What is given in exchange, a substitute, representative, retribution. The payment to a landholder for the right to cultivate his land. adj. पग॒ ब॒धणु پڳ ٻڌڻُ to tie on the turban of honor or on a succession to a chieftainship, patrimony, etc. The barely plants sown in a dwelling, house in honor of Bhawani at the time of Naurat. S A body of pilgrims. A blade of a sword etc. A beggar, religious mendicant, devotee, a pious person used as a title of respect to all Muslims. To perform feats of activity, rope, dancing, tumbling, a summerset. S A wrestler, a brave man. P Help, aid, power, striving, exertion. Cells with a single large nucleus such as monocytes, promyelocytes, myelocytes, and blasts cells. Fetters, shackles for the legs. Mr. facing-both ways. A bag closed with a running string, a satchel. Green putrid sum on standing water. Playing a drum, a round on a drum. A kind of arm ornament. To fail to obtain anything; to lose. A tent rope. Today or tomorrow, in a day or two. Of two hundred, a kind of cloth with 200 threads in the woof. L A small earthen vessel for raising water. The fortieth part of one’s gains given as a tithe or charity. The beak or bill of a bird, the point or nib of anything. A spinning wheel, a large water wheel worked by a camel or two bullocks, the wheel of fortune. A stool or bench. A kind of hawk used in hunting. A case for a sword. The heel ropes for a horse. A proclamation or notice sent around by a public crier. A narrow passage, hardly admitting the body, through which devotees or pilgrims pass, as a religious penance or act of devotion. Respect paid to a Pir or other holy person by a dancing girl dancing before him. To be in use, be in wear, to wear, last. A cut in a bank to let water through. A cord or thread tied on the body as a charms or wound round the head by certain fakirs as a sectarian mark. A few days before a wedding when the bride and groom are in their own homes, or the ceremonies then performed. घोड़ा घोड़ा گھوڙا گھوڙا The cry of one suffering pain. خلين جي واڌ ويجھ دوران پيدا ٿيل نقصن جو مجموعو نقصن جو مجموعو ۽ خلين جي بي ربط واڌ ويجھ A combination of defective and disrupted cell line development . Swift, nimble, fleet, active. A small coin valuing about a quarter rupee, which comes from Cutch. To call a gathering for singing religious hymns, etc. A dry measure in which are four toya and 60 of which make a khararu. A shawl. A very clever or ingenious person. Justice, a judicial trial. One living or staying at a ताड़ु تاڙُ or watering place. Speaking, speech, way of speaking, talk, utterance, a saying, bidding, order. To praise a person in the presence of those who already know his ins and outs. A murderer, assassin, one who takes a life. A Beluch. A body or crowd of persons. A visit from a guru or such like, the offering made a guru on a visit. The mark of colored earth across foreheads of Brahamans and Fakirs. To aid. affixed to numerals it means of a seers as टिसेरो ٽِه سيرو, of 3 seers. Flint, the lock of a flint gun, a tinder box. A potter’s tool for tapping the pot with in forming it. An umbrella. To obtain a promise; to read a hymn from the Sikh scriptures. A draught of bhang. nom. To make hay while the sun shines; to try to derive gain from a profitable place. A form of land tax levied by a fixed assessment on the standing crop. To bruise, crush by pressure or a stroke. A weaver’s brush made generally of the roots of a kind of grass. Noun संद्यनि س. Sanatorium sanitorium to payment of a reward. slide down, lean over, upset, flow over or rise as the. Vitex Bicolor and other species. The weight suspended below a loom to weigh down and keep fixed the warp rods or slips of wood passing between the threads. Time, tour, turn. A superior kind of wheat produced in Cuthchee. A kind of net for catching hawks in. The loop to which the strings of a sittara are fastened at top. A thing done, a bad act. There are three in a week considered unlucky agato for this work, Sunday, Wednesday and Friday. Adv. A male, a man, a brave man, a gallant person. A pushing or pressing anything down violently. Polished and adorned in the manner of a dandy. A pan. Formed of pared or peeled wood, devoid of skin or peel, shaped or squared timber. The part of a fish near the gill. A cross stick in a loom which works up and down with the treddle. To think, imagine. To make a vain attempt to conceal a patent fact. An offering of milk &c. made to the moon on the fourth day of its age. जं॒घूं साहणु ڄنگُهون ساهڻُ To rest, take ease, walk about, take the air. A friend, a love, one beloved, sweetheart, benevolent person, a well wisher, a fondling. A plane for polishing wood. Form, figure, shape, countenance, appearance, portrait. A hymeneal or marriage song. Short, tight, not full or of proper size, deficient, scanty. Threshing or treading floor or to set such a going. A Shastra. To snub a person in a humorous way, so that he may not feel what is said to him. Punjabi meaning of word Belief. A small insect with a pack red and soft like velvet, scarlet fly or lady bird. To talk of a public matter in private (مينڍ lightening the strings of a stringed instrument). A cargo, assignment of goods, a batch in conveyance of goods &c. The express charge on a letter. Injury to a crop from a stroke of wind. A vessel or utensil for cooking or holding food etc. Honest, upright, straight. A circle, orb. A needful manner or business. on which it stands or is supported, the frame or stool on which a spinning wheel is erected. जं॒घूं हणणु ڄنگُهون هڻڻُ To take a tiresome journey, to work the legs about from pain. for getting water from, a water pit. A bag carried under the arm-pit by fakirs. The expiating or absolving one’s self from the defilement brought on one by a width. The spike on which the bobbin is fixed in. The name of a caste, who play, sing and dance. A gulp of water in drinking. The act of fixing or connecting, tenacity. A line for measuring land or any kind of contract work with. A piece of ivory or wood for cutting the nib of a pen on. Stool, evacuation, purge. A small spinning wheel, a cotton leaning machine. The back part, shoulder. One who sees into futurity, who knows mysteries, a seer. Subsiding of a flood. sharpness. Fancy, whim, caprice, impulse, vagary. A fit opportunity, a convenient time etc. चोरनि जी चुल्हि چورن جي چُلهه One to whose house thieves take goods after stealing them. This is the process in which specialized cells engulf fluids, اھڙو مرحلو، جنھن دوران مادو خانه خانه ٿي گھٽجندو وڃي، جنھن مھل رنگ آڻيندڙ مادو ڪروميٽن غير ترتيب وارو وراھبا وڃن ۽ سڄي جيوپاڻيٺ ۾ ڦھلجي وڃي يعني جيو ماس ۾ A stage of cellular degeneration when chromatin is distributed irregulary throughout the cytopla, اھڙو پاڻياٺو مرڪب، جيڪو اچانڪ پيدا ٿيل تبديلي يعني ائسڊٽي يا الڪيلينٽي کي ڪنٽرول ڪري ، کار ڳارو، رد عمل روڪ ڳارو A solution that will resist sudden changes in acidity or alkalinity, بافتي نقشو، ڪالمي نقشو A pictorial display of frequency and class limits of a sample, بدني تشخيص Determination of physiology of a body, برقي خوردبين جي مدد سان فوٽو ڪڍڻ A photograph taken with electron microscope, بناوت جو علِم، علم شِڪليات، ٻاهرين بيهڪ جو عِلم، ڊول وديا، علم شڪل عضوا. Acts, deeds. of हार्जणु هارجڻُ Lost, abandoned a person. A permit or certificate of duties paid. بي انتھا لحميات پروٽين جي گھٽتائي، جيڪا ننڍڙن صغير ٻارڙن ۾ ڏسڻ ايندي آھي A sever protein deficiency seen in infants and children. To flavor in a certain way some dishes in cooking. A round roots, as of the suranu. سفيد خلئي ڪثرت، رت جو سرطان، گھڻ سفيد خليا، رت منجهه مجموعي طور تي اڇن جزن جو وڌي وڃڻ. A side lock flattened over the temple and brought round behind the ear. A kind of small pebble found at Hinglaj and worn in necklaces by those who have made a pilgrimage there. Name of a month, part November and part December. A number, place or head in any account or list, the portion of one in any distribution. Agreement to pledge the labour of a child, Alienation of a succession to right of occupancy. A caste or a trade forming a separate caste. Considering, inquiring into, examining, investigation, a judicial trial. used in calling or addressing females. A householder, one dwelling in his own house with his family and earning his own bread, a layman. S. a fancy, idea, and whim. The interior, secret, (lit. Dearest, most beloved. Of three quart. Twist, revolution, coil, turn. Adj. A stout pony, a Galloway, chiefly those brought from Khorasan. One who talks much, or in a disrespectful manner, talkative. A copy to write after as an exercise. But you don't become that without owning the place. A kind of small boat. The prove of the correctness of an account of excavation or land measurement by means of a fresh survey. A piece of stick placed through the hole in one side of a camel’s nostril, by which he is led. An exclamation expressing surprise. of an institution. Name of a caste of Vaisha Hindus. To keep a fast by eating cold food and abstaining from fresh food. A calm part of the river. The dress, or appearance of a fakir. The reciting prayers for the dead, a ceremony which goes on for some days after the death of a Muslaman, when the friends of the family all pay a visit and receive some food. To observe or celebrate a festival etc. A kind of coarse silk the produce of a particular worm bombyxpaphia. A raiser of quarrels or disputes, a litigious person. खतो or खप्यो کتو يا کپيو To be expended, to consume away, have a ready sale, to be wearied with labor. One in subjection, subject. The thin excrement of a horse. A rope or band of leather. A pressed laborer. A large block of wood or stone used for lifting in gymnastics. The jury in the trial court (Sessions Court) of Bombay held that it wasn't a case of premediated murder. This library is developed for all platforms and systems for better access. A severe decrease in the number of neutrophilic granulocytes in the peripheral blood. A kind of musical instrument like a fiddle. So shaped. A shutter, a closed up place or pressing in a wall or sunk in the ground for placing things in, a cupboard. A verse bearing a double meaning, an enigmatical verse, riddle. Mouthful etc., to heave. پيشاب ۾ کنڊ، مٺي پيشاب جي بيماري، ذيابطيس، مٺاپيشاب A disorder of carbohydrate metabolism due to an insfficiency of insulin. the lump of earth which closes the passage for water into a bed in field. The number five, five at cards or dice. The sound by which a camel is made to sit down. Color. A piece of ivory for rubbing the edges of books in binding, smoothing paper with &c. इटिअड॒कर or इटिअडी॒के जी रांदि اِٽيءَ ڏڪر يا اِٽيءَ ڏِيڪي جي راند A kind of boy’s play, cat and dog or species of c. The piece of stick passed through the nostril of a camel to which the rein is tied. A share, portion, part allotted. A tube used by goldsmiths etc. Price of labor, wages, a fee. To be in heart or have an inclination for the male a camel or mare, to be in rut. A kind of trap or snare for birds and animals. An elder brother or any elder in a family. The vertebrate of the neck, or the knobbed bone connecting them with the backbone. Pice. A plain. Having a star on the forehead (a blemish in a horse); said also of an ill-fated person. Added to numerals it means of so many breadths as टिबरो ٽِبرو of three breadths. Idiomatically a mat, etc: spread out for the relatives of a deceased person in mourning. Of the tamarisk tree Tamarix Indica. A customer, a receiver of stolen property. to become acid, تيزاب پد، شو رايت پد، زميني تعامل A numerical value expressing acid , neutral or alkaline base conditions of a solution A PH of 7.0 is neutral, values from o to 6.9 are acidic and values from 7.1 to 14.0 are alkaline. A fellow countryman. To be lost in the wild woods. The criminal process begins with the crime, a violation of a criminal law, and the subsequent investigation or arrest of someone for that crime.It is the responsibility of local law enforcement (in Denver, the Denver Police Department) to investigate crimes and arrest suspects. to bathe continuously; to swim for a long time. A guard, watch, watching. Prep. A kind of earthen water vessel. To get loose, escape, become free, be disengaged, to be cured, heal, to be fired a gun. The name of a caste of Muslims, who play on instruments and go about begging. A fighting ram) a quarrelsome fellow. खुड़्यो खणी हलणु کُڙيو کڻِي هلڻُ To hop along. The spoke of a wheel. In pairs, two together. A waste desolate plain. Place of residence, the village of a lover. A tool for cutting the edges of books with, a large knife. The front pole of a plough. To dangle, hang, to cause to take a circuit. A stone. Double-faced, deceitful, a dissembler. अड़ी डि॒अणु اڙِي ڏيڻُ to lift one by the instep on a horse &c. अड़ी हणणु اڙِي هڻڻُ To drive the heels int. Remnant of food left by a saint or a spiritual guide. Twisting, a twist, to rub hairs in washing it, a gripping of the bowels. L s. f. A copper pot. A crackling nose, a rattling sound or as that of knocking or hammering, din, clangor. Capital in trade, stock, principal sum. An unclear spot left in canal clearing etc. A form mourning after a death. Troublesome. a beam of the sun, a thin stream of water in pouring. Dark thick clouds, cloudiness. To emit a gunggling sound from the throat, to coo as a dove. The ball of the foot, or the part of a shoe that fits to it. To grow fair or white in complexion, or have a tendency to fairness. Idiotic. Thick bread, a kind of sweetmeat offered to the Deities Hindu. A rare inherted auto somal recessive trait that is characterized by th. Deadly. A piece of paper applied with any sticky substance as a remedy for a pain. A fornicator. A large fan or sieve for winnowing. Inter. A secret. A branch of the river running off and joining it again. The entrails of a fish. Plants of tamarisk etc. भाड़्यत ڀاڙِيت hired, taken on hire. A kind of pleasure boat with a covered apartment, a barge. Money given to the person paying the expenses of any rite, as a circumcision, wedding etc. The duty or position of a pir, the power of performing miracles, or wonders. Timorous, timid, shy, wild, a starter, a shying horse &c. Title, address, direction of a letter, an envelope. A soft cake made of cooling ingredients applied to children’s heads. To involve one in misfortune. A flat iron vessel for baking or frying food in. A well. To keep to the van or front in a battle etc. A stab, stick, poke, spur. The closing of a letter with gum, etc. The place where a kardar or an assistant to him or an Ijardar is stationed and transacts business in the districts.

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